Athlete. Competitor. 


Camille Buscomb

I compete fearlessly, train with intensity, purpose and poise - Flowing, In Control and Confident. 



My world is pretty incredible, training and competing around the globe really is a dream come true. Despite the wonderful highs, there are challenges that add to my character each year. Pushing my body to the limit each day is not for the faint hearted, but with strong goals in mind the sacrifice and disappointments along the way make it more than worth it. I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you. 


Racing Schedule


Follow my journey wherever I compete - whether you can come down and watch or cheer at home through livestream, keep up to date with what I have coming up. 

World Championships, Doha

Sept 28th - Oct 6th

10,000m final:

12th place 31:13.21 *pb Olympic Qualifier

5,000m heat:

5th place 15:02.19 *pb Olympic Qualifier

5,000m final:

12th place 14:58.59 *pb Olympic Qualifier

2019 race results:

Wellington, New Zealand National 3,000m: 1st place 9:08.62

18th January

Osaka Women's Marathon: pacing 23km

27th January

Hamilton, New Zealand 1500m: 2nd place 4:15.42

9th February

Sydney, Australia 5,000m: 15:48.27

23rd February

Nagoya Women's Marathon: pacing half marathon 1:11.17 *pb

10th March

Stanford, America 10,000m: 3rd place 31:33.04 *pb

2nd May

Austrian Women's Run 5k (road): 2nd place 15:49 *pb

26th May

Los Corrales, Spain 1500m: 1st place 4:14.63

8th June

Nijmegen, Netherlands 5,000m: 15:24.12

15th June

Heusden, Belgium 5,000m: 15:39.98

20th July

Bern, Switzerland 3,000m: 9:09.03

3rd August

Gothenburg, Sweden 3,000m: 8:55.42

16th August

Berango, Spain Road Mile: 1st place

19th October

NN Zevenheuvelenloop, 15k Road Race: 50:34*pb

17th November

"When your legs can't run anymore, run with your heart."