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My Team

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Ebbett Audi

I am really excited to be partnering with Ebbett Audi as we work towards the Olympic Games. A really special team to come on board as we chase my dreams together. 


New Balance

I have been with Team New Balance since 2012. I love the journey we have made so far and where I have come. I know there is so much more, and they believe this too. I am so proud to represent New Balance and I look forward to where we are headed. 


Jeunesse Medspa

I am excited to be partnering with Jeunesse Medspa. I spend so much time outdoors in the sun training that it is really important for me to have a skin care routine that matches my exposure. I have a skin health journey planned to see how much progress we can make. I have also teamed up with ZO skin health care for my take home products.


Waikato Chiropractic

I am a strong believer in injury prevention. Over the many years of racing and training I have continued to receive chiropractic care that has not only aided in my performance but also I know it will help my career and its longevity. The relationship is powerful between athlete and chiropractic care. I look forward to continuing my journey knowing I can push my body whilst it is also being well looked after. 


Athletics NZ

Having Athletics New Zealand on board supporting me on my journey, and helping me reach the top is truely important to me. 



High performance sport NZ allow me to continue to train and compete with the use of facilities when I am New Zealand based and help fund my travel to compete internationally and train full time as an elite athlete. They are a huge part of my team. 

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